Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Worst law bill of the year? Texas is the worst state for abortion

As the US gears up for fresh abortion fights, the aftermath of HB2 – a law in Texas that banned abortion after 20 weeks – remains hotly debated. So it should come as no surprise that now a Florida state lawmaker has proposed a similar measure. Even more absurd is that a bill to decriminalize the carrying of an illegal weapon in the first place has its genesis in another Texas law, SB-8. But of course, you don’t have

to be a lawyer to realise that a ban on abortion after 20 weeks isn’t constitutional. It is a clear violation of the Tenth and 12th amendments, which provide an effective check on abuse of federal authority. It is neither reasonable nor intelligent, and it is unnecessary. Yet, miraculously, this most unconscionable bill has a key supporter: Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis. You are familiar with the ban

that lawmakers in Texas passed in 2016? That law has actually been challenged in court, but the plaintiffs have yet to even produce any evidence that a woman might be harmed by such a law, let alone feel intimidated by it. Instead, all that’s on offer is a lawsuit claiming that some physicians either fib or perjure themselves to gain FDA approval for the use of unapproved drugs in this part of the body. But if you’ve

not read Texas HB2 in its entirety, please review the legislation below. Amend the state constitution to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks of gestation, except in cases of imminent danger to the life or health of the mother, in accordance with a physician’s determination that it would be medically necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother Unveil a plan to enforce its full effect Ensure that all pregnant

women who have abortions are subject to one-way, indefinite detention, of course without being tried in court Revoke any doctor’s license he or she may have if the license is revoked Prevent doctors from counselling women in which the gestational age of a fetus appears to be more than 20 weeks in the postoperative period Prohibit or prohibit the use of forms of birth control and hormonal contraception that eliminate

the possibility of a woman’s becoming pregnant in the first place, in accordance with physicians’ diagnoses Close down any abortion clinics that are not inside of two, 300-metre distance of the nearest hospital Undermine the viability of women’s conceptions, so that pregnancy can be definitively defined as starting in the second trimester Misspell of the proposed amendment a carbon copy of the same language in the

Texas law, so that even people who do not read law as a living, breathing entity, could identify the bill is based on SB-8, the legislation signed by a Texas Governor Rick Perry in July of 2016. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, please know that they have the same objective: reduce access to abortion. Even the claim that requiring a medical expert to certify before an abortion that it would be medically

necessary is justified is a lie. According to the American Medical Association, from 1989 to 2005, there were 60,461 induced abortions (53% of which were performed after 20 weeks) in the US. (About 34,000 were performed after 16 weeks). This is not the same as saying there were 60,461 abortions during this same period. The reality is that, because of changes in technology and medicine, many women don’t find out until

they get to their ninth month whether they will have children. For example, in 2004, genetic counsellors were used in 8% of cases when pregnancy was deemed to be viable; in 2010, this proportion climbed to 30%. These practices, which can take different forms, have the effect of lowering barriers to abortion. They prevent shutting down clinics and making abortions more difficult. Anyone who has seen people flee from

them knows that abortion bans are designed to make seeking one seem like suicide. We have a President who wants to ban abortion entirely and bans it because of what he finds to be “some baby parts,” not because what he believes to be a healthy womb. Those of us who want to keep abortion safe and legal will continue to point to something that does not belong in that world: human life. These types of bans show what the

birth control of the 1980s and 1990s really meant: an attempt to shut down our own bodies, not those of others. In the face of this apparent ban, we must all draw our own bright line. Our guns. Our state. Our freedom. And our intuition. · Part of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act is proposed as part of the Florida House bill SB1216.

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