Monday, October 18, 2021

‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast opens up about the Jax-Brittany breakup: ‘We never should have said that’

Since Vanderpump Rules’ cast didn’t come out for their reunion special earlier this month, Jax Taylor gave E!’s “Daily Pop” on Sunday night’s episode of the special. He and his wife Brittany Cartwright celebrated their second anniversary on October 15, and for their $5 million home’s upcoming remodel, they plan to put in a $100,000 fancy-dining-room addition and enlarge their indoor pool. Now Jax, as E! called him,

has opened up about their marriage, more specifically his money troubles in an interview that unfortunately included revealing his “lucky foot.” (I kid you not, he used it. During one instance.) But that didn’t stop Jax from talking about a clip from the reunion special in which he’s heard saying, “She’s tired of having me on a leash. I can’t go anywhere without her.” Jax then said “I promise I am not. And I would

never go anywhere without her. I’d die if I went without her.” “What gives me the right to say that on TV, honestly?” he said. “Maybe we could put a leash on her and just never let her go and never let her off the leash? I don’t see why we should be held accountable.” Fellow “Vanderpump Rules” stars Tom Sandoval and Lala Kent tweeted criticism of his comments after he went on the “Daily Pop” segment, the Daily Beast

reported. “Brittany is not a child, and you are not a grown man,” Sandoval tweeted. “I’m not gonna lie,” he continued. “Sometimes my words get me in trouble. It’s my ego, bro. But I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like the leash on my wife. I don’t like it at all.” Lala Kent also criticized Jax on Twitter, saying that she was “confused” by his comments. She added that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Jax to speak

about his wife “in such a way, as if she’s a child or belongs in a cage.” Neither Jax or Brittany have made any comments about the big news he dropped with his E! “Daily Pop” interview.

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