Monday, October 18, 2021

Trudeau reacts to election loss: ‘We will continue to grow and evolve’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party are in an unstable position after falling just shy of a majority in Parliament. On election night, Liberal incumbent Andrew Leslie had maintained a healthy lead on Conservative contenders in the photo finish for the riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London in Ontario. But when final returns came in Tuesday, Leslie’s lead over Conservative candidate Larry Miller had shrunk

to only one percentage point. To ensure victory, Liberals at the party headquarters at 4102 Wellington Street had to wait for Leslie to call for a recount that’s expected to take place Wednesday. But as late returns confirmed his defeat, the voice of voice that accompanied the result was that of Trudeau, repeatedly thanking his supporters and reflecting on their campaign success. “Sixty six seats. We’re moving to 42

and we continue to grow and evolve. You, my friends, have made this possible,” Trudeau said. Ancillary outcomes of the race included the defeat of former Liberal congressman Mark Warawa, who lost his seat to Conservative Peter Braid. And on Tuesday night, Canadian actress Tanya Granic Allen called out Trudeau’s comments about rape culture in the wake of the alleged attempted rape of an actress in Toronto’s Upstairs

West nightclub last year. Granic Allen — the lawyer for an American aspiring screenwriter who says he was raped by a Toronto law student while on a first date with a star after a 2016 street festival — took to Twitter to mock Trudeau over the decision not to charge the alleged assailant. “Women: If you’ve ever been raped, go to your nearest police station immediately. If you’ve been accused of rape or attempted rape

by any individual, that individual is probably guilty of rape or attempted rape. Canadians and all Canadians welcome you, but we don’t welcome false accusations. We don’t need Justin Trudeau on our streets pretending to be a feminist,” Granic Allen tweeted. .@JustinTrudeau UPROAR! How disgusting. How disgustingly tone deaf. His laugh (an intellectual one), his demeanor. Insulting his victims. ? #erasedumore — Tanya

Granic Allen (@tanyaragranicallen) May 10, 2021 M.S. Raghuveer, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Office, acknowledged that her boss “did laugh when the allegation was made, and he does hold women in high regard.” “We do not feel the need to dignify the baseless allegation with a response as we don’t think it’s appropriate. However, it is important to note that the allegation has not been proven in court,” she

told CNN.

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