Tuesday, October 19, 2021

These Attorneys Are Fired Up About the Federal Government Cutting Off Justice Department Cooperation with Cities

In the 13 years that Bill Clinton was president, there were three important attempts at police reform, all of which failed, said Senator Tim Kaine, the former governor of Virginia and a former Trump campaign surrogate. That history has been reinforced by the actions of the Trump administration, including the immigration policies that have separated families and disproportionately targeted immigrant communities.

“There was a need for some restoration of trust between the police and the people,” Kaine said. “And [Trump’s] antics have undermined it.” The latest action against police reform is that of the Justice Department, which Trump restored to a Bush-era policy of wanting to make a decision on a pending police-reform agreement last month. “This was a decision from Donald Trump who, when he came into office, had repeatedly

emphasized the importance of bringing back the spirit of civil rights enforcement and restoring and building on the legacy of Justice Department activism,” said Senator Cory Booker, the Democratic candidate for the Senate in New Jersey. “And we saw the opposite of that from him.”

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