Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The New Health App That Rewards You for Healthy Behaviour Is Amazing

A new app for Apple devices could change how we measure our health, helping us to manage our own activity and prevent injuries, scientists at University College London (UCL) said. With the launch of Apple Health in September 2014, the iPhone maker was looking to bring a range of fitness and wellness services to iPhone and iPad users. Since then, the app has grown and developed a broader role as an “app store” on your

iPhone. In April, Apple introduced the new health and activity analytics platform Apple Watch OS 2. The platform, which is separate from Health, is designed to provide a variety of services to iOS users, ranging from fun health features to medical and fitness apps to personal finance analysis and activity tracking. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below In a new study, researchers at UCL’s Centre for Evidence-Based

Medicine have analysed the performance of the Health App in a randomized controlled trial on 221 people with a variety of conditions. The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, looked at the app’s fitness data, which was obtained before and after 60 days of using the Health App. Researchers controlled for factors including blood pressure, BMI, alcohol use, sleep quality, and then measured participants’ actual

activity levels with accelerometers. While the researchers found that participants’ motivation to manage their own health improved, how well they did it varied depending on the smartphone they used, which showed a difference in factors like weight and blood pressure. This new Health app is going to be a huge hit because it rewards health-conscious behaviour. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below This new Health app

is going to be a huge hit because it rewards health-conscious behaviour. If it helps you manage your own exercise, food and sleep habits, it will not only improve your wellbeing, but it could prevent you from taking medication, such as Advil and Tylenol that you could potentially overdose on. While the app is in its infancy, it has already proved popular. Recently, the Health App hit 30 million downloads and is now

in more than 120 countries. So Apple’s Sports app is more like something out of a television game show, where you get an A for effort but a C for judgement and lack of insight? Anyway, good news for all you power users out there. Apple Health is still a relatively new app for the company, one that it will likely roll out in a number of updates. Why not check out our guide to our favourite apps and services for iOS,

including this insurance engine and the best video search engine for your iPhone.

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