Monday, October 18, 2021

‘Set Up and Falsely Accused’: Suspect in Massachusetts Girl’s Mysterious Disappearance Speaks Out

Brian Laundrie always went out of his way to be good neighbors. So when neighbors saw him and his family leave to take a weekend trip in early August when teenager Gabby Petito was reported missing, they were stunned. “We got calls right after we got off work that his mom and dad had just left. And we had already looked through their bills, their utility bills, everything, and they were pretty much nonexistent that

weekend,” Eddie Nelson told WCVB. Petito’s aunt, Susan Murphy, called the police on July 28 and said the 17-year-old had been last seen in the town of Lee. By August 3, her family had set up a GoFundMe campaign. Two weeks later, on August 11, Laundrie’s daughter allegedly texted the missing teen, asking where she was. When Petito didn’t respond, one of Laundrie’s neighbors — Elizabeth Reardon — went to his house and

found the Jeep parked on the sidewalk outside and an adult lying under a motor home. A few days later, police said the family had been moving out of a home and into a camper about a mile away, and now Laundrie and his neighbors have questions about who was driving. “I don’t know if [Brian] actually went away or if he sent somebody else with his stuff or… if he was just looking for help,” Reardon said. In August,

the Laundries appeared in a police lineup and were initially released without being charged, WCVB reported. They were interviewed again last week, though police still haven’t said if they have found the missing teenager. Laundrie’s lawyer, Colin Hart, told the Boston Globe on Monday that his client is innocent and believes he has been “set up and falsely accused.”

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