Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Senate sessions extended – but will the budget resolution pass?

Image copyright Reuters Image caption One of the many meetings is what The Daily Beast called “a good session” on a broken yes-or-no promise The Senate has been in session for the entire day, a good session that came after a long session the day before. It’s a rare thing in today’s Senate, a mix of deals and legislative slog along with a full calendar of votes. It began with a session on health and medicine and both

Democrats and Republicans hammered away at each other. We do have some reaction from Republicans on the deal at a campaign event for Joe Manchin – so here’s that Republican: What we know about the Democrats’ Social Security deal Right now what we know is there is a deal being hammered out between Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders and Republicans Sen. Richard Burr and the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the main

Democratic plan to overhaul Social Security and Medicare. They would come up with a framework that would then have to go back to a bipartisan committee – not to try to negotiate a deal in itself but to try to hammer out the details with different factions in the conference committee. No details have been released so we don’t really know what that deal is. We just know there are talks going on. And that could pave the

way for a vote on the Senate floor on Thursday. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Capitol Police say they have detained at least four demonstrators who staged a sit-in The Senate, as we know, has to pass a measure by Friday or it runs out of money. Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, there is a hard deadline – 217 hours until the House vote, at 8pm ET – for the House to pass its version of a budget – a

“budget reconciliation” measure – and then get that to President Trump’s desk for him to sign.

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