Wednesday, October 20, 2021

SEE: New National Association of Recording Merchandisers beer beer

The public relations catastrophe known as COVID. has left songwriters and record producers scrambling to get insurance money and to secure critical backup musicians after some musicians were forced to cancel tours due to health issues caused by the hazardous chemical. The new marketing campaign launched by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers, where volunteer musicians worked to craft a new beer that

the association hopes will help those musicians who were affected by COVID. It’s brewed by the local New Baltimore Brewing Company, a baron of quality craft beer with a devoted fanbase. “We wanted to make sure that we were reflecting not only our industry members but any musician who was hurt and had to go on tour,” said NARM spokesman Jason Mahler. “We think this is a valuable product. It’s based off NARM marketing

materials and comes from various members of our association. We think this is really a reflection of all of our ideas and values.” The newly released Rolling Stone Reviews is the NARM’s newest initiative, which offers a curated pub crawl (with water, food and fun) for $20 in 100 participating cities. This beer also comes with an at-home tasting kit: a 5-ounce pour, nectar, canister and menu items from the Brooklyn

Tavern in Arlington, Va. The beer hit the market on Aug. 5. Read the New York Daily News review here.

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