Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rick Scott Pardons Pro-Life Florida Men Accused of Being Involved in Abortion Trade

Outgoing Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has issued an executive order which pardons Floridians who have been indicted for either taking their own life or being involved in the illegal abortion trade. DeSantis, who came out against any amount of taxpayer dollars being used to incentivize legal abortions, issued the order shortly after he was sworn in last week. “The growing number of Florida women, like so many Americans

around the country, who have made the tragic decision to end their own pregnancies, should not be punished. Florida can no longer afford to be a state that makes it next to impossible for its citizens to exercise their constitutional rights,” said DeSantis. Scott’s executive order, while permitting to continue to prosecute individuals who help women have an abortion, would prohibit the state from going after such

cases. “This office has a history of prosecution of women and the abortion industry, and we will prosecute any human trafficking crimes that occur in Florida and hold any providers that assist victims accountable,” said Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, R. Florida now joins several other states that have enacted similar laws, but critics argue this includes potential cases of human trafficking and bankruptcy in

which the women were coerced to end their own lives. A group of protesters gathered outside the governor’s office demanding that deSantis remove the new measure. While DeSantis has been especially outspoken on issues including student scholarships, teachers’ pay raises, and protecting religious freedom, the governor says he will also focus on social and cultural issues like abortion. “I will focus on these issues

over the course of my first 100 days, at times in a very unspecific way but on the subjects which affect Floridians today,” said DeSantis.

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