Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Report: Former Jakarta Mayor at Fault in Majority of Traffic Accidents

It appears former Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama – better known as Ahok – has been found negligent over some huge traffic accidents. The officer who conducted the survey wrote that that Ahok, who is running for re-election, was at fault for the accidents. Dr. Dian Reza Pestau has worked in Jakarta for a decade and says the city is “blighted” with vehicle pollution. It is a problem that has grown

significantly since Ahok was elected governor three years ago. Pestau says she has come across dozens of cases in which patients suffering breathing problems and heart disease cite vehicle pollution as the reason for their ailment. The study comes during Ahok’s re-election campaign against former education minister Anies Baswedan. Election organizers conducted the poll after criticism Ahok improperly allowed

polluting vehicles to remain on the streets on polling day last week. Ahok admits in the official documentation that he didn’t ban vehicles from operating during the election, but claims he restricted people from driving polluting vehicles. He did, however, close some public spaces where hundreds of thousands of workers went home during a peak period of commuter traffic, hoping to reduce congestion. But this latest

poll investigation suggests those measures did not have the desired effect, judging by the accident statistics. Ahok’s opponents have already made the poll results part of their election campaign materials. Ahok’s supporters have vowed to take legal action. He says the trial could get out of hand and end up “ruining his political career.” If convicted, Ahok faces up to seven years in prison for the accident case. A

court date has not yet been set. Ahok is competing with Anies Baswedan in an August 9th gubernatorial election, and Anies would win if he has the backing of the Indonesian Islamic party Hizb ut-Tahrir, who have criticized Ahok for allegedly having views that are “un-Islamic.” More from Fox News: Thousands of Protesters March in White T-Shirt-Wearing Protest to ‘Stop Mass Migrant Deportation’ I Am a ‘Trump Supporter,’

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