Monday, October 18, 2021

Purdue beats Notre Dame, but that’ll never happen again | Bob Kravitz

As a fan of the Irish on the gridiron, I am extremely grateful that the Boilermakers of Purdue football played this game. That Purdue team gave us all a true indication that they were not unbeatable. I’d rather enjoy Notre Dame once they play a strong opponent rather than when they play the Irish or the Wolverines. Up until today, the visiting team from outside the Power Five conferences was the victim of being

exposed for what they are and being treated like a joke. At Northwestern, Southern Mississippi, UCLA, USC, Cal, Vanderbilt, Toledo, Houston, North Carolina, Virginia, UMass, Memphis, Navy, and now Purdue, we’ve seen National Title contenders overrun by inferior opponents. I’m glad, because it brought to light just how good Notre Dame is. Most Americans did not realize that the Irish were undefeated until a blowout by

Stanford on Saturday. And what’s so great about playing a team that’s even worse? So congratulations to Purdue, and I take it that you’re not going to be ranked as high as Duke or Nebraska, because you’re supposed to beat Ohio State this week and then play Alabama for the national championship. Think about that. Indiana wasn’t invited to play Ohio State in Columbus this year, and Purdue is a top 10 team. I think

Notre Dame got that special talent and toughness in their football team for about the next month. Maybe then they’ll be exposed as being an elite, legit team as they play top conference opponents. After that, all hell is going to break loose.

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