Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Psychedelic festival is beyond ‘mental health tripping’

The Psychedelic Summer Camp event in Bodmin is a celebration of the skills of people with traditional shamanic and psychedelic expertise, but who take a different approach to the growing appreciation of music, art and language, combined with the “really wonderful mystery” of psychedelics. “Everyone thinks they’re so psychedelic and they’re so healthy, but they’re so daft as they say. That’s what we get from going on

psychoactive summer camps. If you look at the oddest shapes, the biggest smile, they’re all drawn by the colour green,” says Lady Jane Milne, who runs the event with husband Alastair, who is more interested in gaining knowledge of human anatomy. But the Milnes don’t stop with “the weird and wonderful” when they train people. They also run therapy, trialling treatments such as guided meditation and hypnosis on health

issues such as depression and epilepsy. “You can go into therapy with a Zen master who’ll be excellent at helping you manage your stress,” Alastair says. “But, from the self-care point of view, the people who do the tripping are the best.”

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