Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Parts of the world can never get enough of sausages and chips

Chinese restaurants in London have been receiving supplies of sausages, chicken and chips from Argentina to stave off a problem with their everyday staple ingredients. However, one restaurant has resorted to even using plastic, explaining that they could not procure some fish stocks or meat. If you bought a ‘batteries power’ smartphone last week, there’s a good chance it isn’t the real deal. It was another security

measure, designed to ensure that fraudsters can’t load any data onto your new handset. “Batteries power” refers to SIM numbers and expiry dates so you’ll have to get a new phone and make a pricey swap when your battery gets low. Plans are afoot to restrict food imports into Britain as the country seeks to reduce the “excessive dependency” on imports. Foreign officials fear that a price increase is unlikely after

Brexit as food safety standards in the UK would be tightened, while a slump in demand could wipe out UK industry. So how many eggs, vegetables and other staples will you be able to buy from around the world when imports are restricted?

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