Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Parents Who Spent Children’s $2,000 Tax-Free Chances To Receive Refunds Via Fox News

by Greg Burgess NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip. With its first round of school supplies money arrive, some parents say they haven’t gotten paid enough and think the IRS is forcing them to pay back what they actually spent. In Philadelphia, a mother of three told reporters she’d already spent two thirds of her $2,000 tax-free money for school supplies on the first two

weeks of school. “That’s my check, so I’m losing. It makes no sense why I should have to pay that back,” she said. Philly mother of three Lori Ross told reporters she wasn’t happy about the decision. She claimed her three children, one of whom was born prematurely, applied for the “excuse fee,” but was told by the IRS she needed to pay $150. “What they made me pay is because I didn’t have the reimburse them for those

supplies and then now they find a way to charge it to me and then I have to pay it back to them for it, as well.” Another parent in Philadelphia says her two children made legitimate expenses, and have been given authorization to claim the money. She told reporters that at no point did the IRS ever say the deduction was under $10,000 and wouldn’t deduct anything beyond that. Elizabeth Warren wrote a letter to the IRS

on Thursday in an effort to get refunds for tens of thousands of parents. “Millions of hardworking families across our country should get their government refunds in a timely manner, especially after the U.S. Treasury Department recently announced this year’s child tax credit ‘inaction,’ but it appears that these refunds may be delayed further,” wrote Warren. She offered to host a meeting with the Commissioner of the

IRS over the delays, if the Treasury Department would agree to a meeting. Warren has called for an additional $13 billion in refunds. An IRS spokesperson told FOX Business that all of the parents who’ve received delays have also paid all of their taxes and also received a verification letter confirming the earnings. This is an improvement on last year’s “inaction” as many of the delayed refunds were for childless

taxpayers and not made a payment to qualify for the refund. Watch more in Greg’s program Thursday night at 11pm ET on the Fox News Channel Fox News Business’ David Asman reported on the latest economic numbers in Wednesday’s “Asman Report” on Fox Business. Click here for more info.

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