Tuesday, October 19, 2021

LOOK: Fox Nation Exclusive: “The Ultimate Answer for Police Killings Is to Try to Save Black People” (WATCH)

(dear viewer, please remember that you can watch Total Info on Fox Nation and pay nothing for the privilege!) “Racist cops kill black men and black people stay quiet. Some type of elitist oppression happens. Why so serious?” – Was this response from “Selena” actress Tiffany Haddish when on CNN? “This is your fault.” “Being a man, you’d forget…” – Make up humorous messages to your white coworker on just about any

day. “The more that police kill, it causes people to act out in a different way. The more we do that, the more we pay attention to it.” – Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants more racially motivated police shootings investigated and claims the anti-police protests have gotten “a little out of hand” in recent months. “I can’t be okay with it. I have to be okay with it…For me, it is. I tell my children…this is what we

have to do. You have to protest. You have to deal with all these things.” – Comedian-turned-activist Robin Thede. “I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve watched firsthand, a lot of times police officers’ hearts are in the right place but it’s unfortunate they can’t always be on the right side of law and order.” – MSNBC’s Tamron Hall. “To combat white supremacy and the institutionalized racism that lies at

the heart of contemporary American politics, we must continue to address systemic issues of equity and anti-semitism where they exist. We must encourage inclusive education, access to health care, and financial justice for all. And we must support independent political reform.” – American Jewish Committee Executive Director David Harris. “Let’s be clear. The type of justice that follows an innocent man’s death,

regardless of his race, should be swift, decisive, and just. That is the only justice that the criminal justice system can provide.” – State Rep. Robert Shilling of California. “If you have every chance at life, you should have that chance at life. And if you don’t, so be it, live with it.” – Activist-filmmaker Keisha Cole. “Black Lives Matter is undermining effective policing, promoting victimhood and hostility, and

removing accountability and transparency from its public message.” – Texas Rep. Ron Simmons. “I’m a big advocate of building bridges and making sure that the LGBTQ community feels that they’re a part of the American family… I also hope that the struggles that the LGBTQ community faces aren’t seen through the lens of gay bullying or trying to be able to be bullied into silence or discrimination… I want to see

everybody be treated with equality and respect.” – Stanford Professor Robert P. George, who attends a private LGBTQ bible study. “Let’s walk beside our people. Let’s not be mean. Let’s be accepting. We’ll understand each other better if we walk beside one another.” – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who visited Philadelphia to speak to the July 5th Muslim community. “What’s your solution? Gun control? My

solution is to have more concealed carry holders like the woman who stopped him in Baltimore [Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards]. My solution is to stop taking small steps forward and taking small steps backward and break that cycle so that we create programs that prevent mentally ill people from carrying concealed firearms.” – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in response to why he cannot reform background


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