Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Joseph Vitale, a Fan Favorite, Joins FOX Nation!

Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip. Joe Vitale, a popular hip hop artist and producer from the Bronx who has been the subject of TV programs, will be launching an album and tour this spring. His journey to success is a reminder of what can be achieved if you work hard and have faith in yourself. Joe opened up about his experiences in this exclusive Fox Nation interview. For more info on his music, visit Click here to subscribe to FOX Nation. Below are five entertaining theses. Listening To Your Love Language Not only does this will help you communicate more effectively with your partner, it will help you to actually have better communication because it helps to hear what they’re feeling. You don’t want to ignore her silence. When she feels fully tuned in, she won’t miss any cues. The First Five

Words Of Any Conversation (Let’s say, What’s Up?) If the person you are conversing with asks, “What’s up?” What are the first five words that come to mind? Don’t sit there and say, “Uh…awesome” or, “What’s happening?” Instead, think about the things that you would say. You can be funny or harsh or anything. If You Follow Your Whims If you follow your whims, it’s because you’re happy with who you are and how you’re

feeling. If you’re unhappy and your instincts are to change things to make you happy, it’s probably not going to work. If you want to change your body shape to be more attractive, you might be unhappy and anxious so you might not be able to make the change work. And if you are unhappy and anxious and unhappy and anxious, it’s a bad sign that’s going to affect your happiness and happiness will affect your health. If

you can stay happy, that’s what will give you health. If you need to make big changes, that’s what will make you unhappy. And happiness alone can’t lead to happiness and happiness is better than misery in that sense. If You Make Plans Together Remember when you were a kid and you used to make plans together? I think one of the things about life is that you want to fulfill your dreams because life is beautiful and you

want to be happy. And that is the ultimate reason why you want to do things. But when you have to tie something up with a bow, it can leave you disappointed when the thing doesn’t happen exactly as planned. What I love about the time you have together is that you don’t set in motion any goals that aren’t based on your input or ideas that you have. So what I am always looking for when I go through the process of

making plans is that I am always connected to my vision in the first place. Then it’s not about, “Okay we’re going to do this and so we are going to do that.” It’s, “Okay we are going to do this and we are going to do that.” When you have that kind of vision in place, you know that you’re going to get what you want when you want it. You don’t set high goals that are unrealistic. It makes you an optimist and you are a

dreamer and dreamer is the key to happiness. If You Look At Reality (What Are You Seeing?) Sure, reality is the way it is and you need to stay true to it. But you can see it in your own eyes more often than what’s being shown to you.

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