Tuesday, October 19, 2021

How to use your iPhone as an official passport

Story highlights Apple’s new iOS 11 will let you use your iPhone as a boarding pass, your boarding pass home and a digital passport. This can be used before and after you have security checked out. Last fall, Apple released the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 11. It’s essentially the company’s fastest version yet, a major milestone since iOS was originally launched in 2007. With an enhanced digital

assistant and longer battery life, we’re on the fence about how much of an update we should make to our smartphones. However, we must admit to liking the additions to iOS 11, because it goes a long way toward making our devices smarter. One of the more innovative options includes allowing you to use your iPhone as an official passport. Let’s get this out of the way: As far as we’re concerned, all iOS devices are

iPhones, but if you have an older one (say, if you still have an iPhone 4s), iOS 11 will not yet let you use your iPhone as a passport. So, before you do anything with your device, you’ll want to update it. But once you’ve done that, here’s how you’ll be able to use your iPhone as a passport. 1. Get your boarding pass with iOS 11 All of the latest iOS devices — 6 to 8 or newer — can accept boarding passes sent to

your iPhone. Using them as a phone boarding pass is a great way to speed up your travel and potentially save you time. If you’re going to a short trip, a boarding pass from your phone is easy to carry around and keep on your seat, regardless of how long you’re going to be traveling for. 2. Receive your boarding pass home You can also see your boarding pass at home, should you be frequent fliers. To do so, click on

the “boarding pass” button in the Notification Center. Then, select “Checked Pass” from the list and click the “Send to Home” button. 3. Send your boarding pass to your children If you’re going to be on a plane with a child in tow, you should consider sending your boarding pass to them so they know their flight has departed before you do. If you must wait for your boarding pass to come in the mail, you can receive it

right from your home using an Apple Watch. Simply open your Apple Watch app, tap “Select a Destination,” choose “Plus One,” select “Noon” on the “Proceed to Destination” option and then select “Send to Home.” To use your boarding pass, just go back to the menu that’s located in the top right of your device (See above). There, select “Passport” from the options below “Checked Boarding Pass.” For iOS 11, that will

bring up the security checker. Once that’s complete, tap “Passport,” where you can enter the correct name for your child to receive their boarding pass. Now, we don’t recommend skipping through security checkpoints because you have your boarding pass at home. But if you’re free on the morning of your trip, you could go right to your gate and make your way to your flight without going through any undue stress.

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