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How Biden is still the most likely subject of voter fraud investigations

By Polly Mosendz / CBS News / April 13, 2016 It appears the effort to expose Bernie Sanders voters as fraudulent has finally worked. After months of pestering Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, Bernie Bernie and Jill Stein have been called to testify before the Senate Budget Committee’s Subcommittee on the Federal Budget regarding the effect their wildly different proposals for federal spending would have on the US

economy and social safety net. Not far away, there is another rabidly anti-Bernie organization filing reports of voter fraud to some Republican officials, as they target Democratic Presidential candidate and longtime US Senator Joe Biden for investigation. Over the past two months, Donald Trump supporters have claimed that votes were illegally cast for Democrat Hillary Clinton in three states: Arizona, Minnesota and

Pennsylvania. Despite their efforts, no evidence of voter fraud was uncovered in these states. Bernie’s biggest winner Unlike Trump, who has called for investigating Clinton’s Russia ties and for investigations into the Clinton Foundation, Biden has consistently insisted that he’s given absolutely no assets, shares or even loans to Bill Clinton. And according to a lawsuit filed on May 17 in Pennsylvania, Biden also

continues to get the green light from state officials who are investigating the massive Bill Clinton pension deal. Biden went to Vermont in response to the allegations of massive fraud. When asked on April 15 at a campaign stop in Burlington, Vermont, on whether the FBI should investigate the allegations of fraud or not, Biden responded that it was “completely unfounded.” The FBI responded that it is not

investigating the allegations made against Biden, who was in Vermont for the American Nurses Association’s 115th Annual National Conference in Burlington, Vermont. Since FBI Director James Comey exonerated Clinton on March 10 and he told the media at the time that they were “not inclined to bring charges,” the FBI has just given Biden a clean bill of health. Biden received the results of FBI audits on 13 of his

campaign’s 130,000 Vermont and New York ballots and 77 of 90,000 ballots cast in 2016 for Clinton. Further investigations Those tests found that the same equipment—which takes as little as 14 minutes to perform—was used to tally ballots in roughly half of the offices in the six states that were tested. This machinery showed accurate voter registration records, so instead of investigating the Trump supporter claims of

fraud, officials should take a closer look at the equipment the machines are using. In Arizona, the bill which would have allowed the Secretary of State to order an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged votes proved one of the most meaningful effects in the presidential election. Out of 1.7 million votes cast in Arizona, Bernie Sanders won 46,118 votes and Clinton won 0,405, but Trump won just 43,391. This

small margin of victory would have made a huge difference in the state. Even in Minnesota, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders, 3,559 to 0,530. If Clinton had won all 72,737 votes she received from the Twin Cities region, she would have won by nearly the same margin as Biden did in Vermont. The chances are slim that there will be any conclusion of voter fraud in Arizona and Minnesota, but what we do know is that

voter fraud laws can have a crippling effect on one candidate, while hurting others.

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