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Goofing around at Special Olympics

Written by By Kada­r Hay, CNN We’re used to seeing Olympic-level athletes dominate their sport, each game right up there with world records and medal wins. Goalball, however, has become something of a non-event — until now. At the Tainan Special Olympics Ipoh in September, an unlikely duo of Paralympians, Tomole Noiron and Atsofar Harsha, set a new world record for the most games played as a Paralympic Goalball Team

by playing for an astounding 57 consecutive days. They also set a new Olympic record in the same sport for the longest game; a 3-0 victory against the Philippines, which gave them this year’s Ipoh Special Olympics Ipad Ipoh (IOPOY) Championship title. 1 / 21 A strong advocate for Paralympic ideals, Park Reun-h, left, from the Republic of Korea was chosen as the face of the 2018 IOPOY Ipad in August. Credit: Gang-gil

Ipad Ipoy 2018 ‘Longest, strongest, healthiest games’ The world record for longest games by a wheelchair basketball team was set in August, at the 2016 Ipad Ipoy, when a team of 16 wheelchair basketball players competed for a world record for consecutive games played. For the 48.5 hours of that event, they played for 16.6 hours each, representing 49 games. Athletes compete in the 2018 Ipad Ipoy. Credit: Ronit

Usherman Athletes running for a world record is one thing. But what about a world record for the longest game played? Ami Min­chan, founder of the Special Olympics Malaysia, knew she wanted a World Record-setting sport. Then, she witnessed an incredible performance at Ipad Ipoy 2015, in which a team of 24 (in wheelchair basketball) players competed for a world record for longest games played. Warm reception It was a

first for goalball, and after winning, the team was invited to the Tournament of Games with a star-studded roster of athletes. According to representatives at the Special Olympics Malaysia, as the world champion of goalball, the team members’ performances were recognized as official World Records. One of the world record-setting performances. Credit: Ipad Ipoy This same year, the Special Olympics Malaysia Sports

Federation asked all 50 athletes participating in Ipad Ipoy to submit a Video Conferencing Statement that could be submitted to the International Committee of Special Olympics for consideration. Ami Min­chan made a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the incredible success of goalball and the popularity of the sport in Asia, the second most popular league for the sport after Europe. Then, she asked the athletes to

draw a map to show where they played and how many games they played during Ipad Ipoy 2018. Her request was approved, and the rule was set. At the 2018 Ipad Ipoy, several other world records were set. During games 2 and 3, Noiron and Harsha broke the Paralympic Goalball World Record for the most consecutive games played as a team (58 games), the World Record for most consecutive games played at Ipad Ipoy in 3 hours (2

hours 53 minutes), and the Paralympic Record for longest Paralympic goalball game in 3 hours, 59 minutes. The best football pitch The Special Olympics Malaysia Network and the Special Olympics Malaysia Movement produced the Ipad Ipoy World Record in Sports Video, to be put up on the Ipad Ipoy 2018 World Record Youtube Channel. The video is based on the strength and endurance of the athletes, but is more than just a

compilation of statistics and totals. The records are not just about medals.

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