Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gen. Joe Dunford chosen to replace John Kelly as Trump’s next military secretary

After days of speculation about who will fill the military secretary vacancy in President Trump’s administration, two names emerged: Joe Biden and Gen. Joe Dunford. Vice President Mike Pence called the former Vice President on Saturday night to congratulate him. A transition team was assembled on Monday, and it was announced that Gen. Mark Milley would step down as Army chief of staff. In his letter to Trump, Milley

highlighted his role in delivering “military victory in Mosul in June 2017 and to address the broader threat from ISIS in Iraq and Syria.” It’s a safe bet that Biden enjoyed chatting with Pence and relishing the attention from the assembled media during his short visit to Philadelphia on Tuesday, but it’s hard to not think that by snagging this type of accolade he set a troubling precedent for the role of military

secretary in a Trump administration. Democratic presidential nominees love to bring in generals — a tactic that dates back to John F. Kennedy’s presidency, when he asked Gen. Maxwell Taylor to serve as his secretary of Defense. “They were the signal of unity of the military leadership,” Taylor said of his time in the White House at the time. “They were the signals that the whole nation should have.” By the end of the

1970s, though, the practice was more associated with Republicans and, well, James Dickey:

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