Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Following protests over the death of a cyclist, government votes to repeal controversial vehicular traffic law

After many months of protests and months of negotiations, the government and Parliament voted on Friday to repeal the COVID law, the law that regulates open traffic on Oslo streets. This controversial move came about following the death of a cyclist that was hit by a private car in Oslo earlier this year. It was followed by a number of unrelated incidents where someone was struck by a private car in Norway. The law

initially came about in order to prevent private cars from being driven on designated closed routes, like tram tracks or sidewalk. In theory, any ticket issued would be valid only on that day of the month and subject to the distance and weight of the vehicle. Last year, there were reports of complaints about the fairness of this law, with protesters alleging that tickets were issued unfairly. Following all of the

setbacks to this law, the government decided to repeal it altogether. Witnesses can watch the raw video to this story below. Head over to the Oslo Mayor’s office to read more.

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