Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Egg-laying sharks found in Australian waters

Written by CNN Staff We’ve already been treated to an aquatic unicorn named El Dorado, but now we can add one more mythical creature to the planet’s growing list of animal serendipities: sharks. Turns out a diver has discovered a suspected egg-laying shark in the waters off the coast of Australia. The amorphophallus titanus , better known as the ocean unicorn, is a type of shark species that doesn’t reproduce by

laying eggs. It’s now the most endangered shark species on Earth. Omnivore shark The unusual species is found in only a handful of known populations, according to the Smithsonian Institution , and some believe that it is hunted in both tropical and temperate waters. The egg-laying shark found off Queensland (west of the Barrier Reef) is thought to be an unprecedented sighting by a diver. “The shark is seen to lay two

eggs and then it sinks to the ocean floor with its egg up to the sea bottom and then when there is a food source like jellyfish or fish, it lays another egg,” according to Ben O’tler from the Australian Shark Attack File. The catch-and-release process doesn’t affect the shark’s development, scientists say. And it’s not too surprising, since other curious species have been spotted earlier than expected. In recent

years, the common bull shark was spotted in the Himalayas and the Japanese group-fisherman made headlines when they thought they had found an orca whale egg off of Japan’s northwestern coast. Learn how to catch the biggest, baddest sharks Read more

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