Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Carmelo Anthony is sued over alleged ‘marriage snatching’

Carmelo Anthony is claimed to have been served with a lawsuit in which he is accused of pressuring a man who had previously dated his estranged wife to sign over control of his empire. The filing in a New York court by Powerhouse and Anthem models Marina Cruz and La La Anthony alleges that Carmelo, who is currently embroiled in a divorce with his wife and a custody battle over his 15-month-old son Kiyan, is trying to

force the woman to take control of his finances. Cruz alleges that she and Carmelo were talking after he separated from La La when he suggested she should be put in charge of his company Powerhouse Worldwide and his business partner Anthem Sports. Cruz claims that she was asked to sign a release agreeing to assume control of the company and to give up her benefits and benefits. The couple had dated for six months,

reportedly after he had split from La La, before marriage in 2010. In a written complaint, Cruz says that she declined to sign the document, and that Carmelo threatened to make her go through the whole process all over again if she did not do it. He has denied any wrongdoing. Source: E!

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