Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Blade Runner, Ex Machina, The Empire Strikes Back: the best of trailer compilations

Our favourite trailer compilation compilers at YouTube channel Sólo Juveniles are back with another glorious collection of sci-fi/fantasy trailers. They show us why having a bear make a leap of faith to save the human race from destruction is essential to their cut – as well as taking a look at classic laser battles and weapons that look like they have turned off. And, of course, of demon possession. Share We may

never really understand how a word that means a kind of dry sand found in the Sahara desert was eventually translated into our English language, but it sure is useful as an internalizing mechanism to remind us that there is beyond space and time as well as the silly vastness of the universe. Speaking of aliens, our friends at Nerdist revisit the truly awesome classic video for Obey The Astronaut that features a clown

and the words, “YOU WILL FACE THE FALL OF MAN”. It is worth noting that this 2006 music video is over nine minutes long. An on-set romance between two guys trapped by their roles on The Empire Strikes Back – the most recently found on-screen in Misfits this year – provides some much-needed down time. Last year, Dr. Hibbert Skrullsdale from BBC Three’s Quadrophenia told us that he actually feels super bad for a full-

sized rabbit that grows men and a woman when it’s dropped in the water. (Though, how weird is it that a rabbit cannot float if it’s not a giant dragon?) We may not have Tardis access, but at least the tube is an option. Some scholars say that Darth Vader looks different to the original depiction of the character because… well… the mask changed. If they’re right, what’s left for this multi-faceted red-eyed Sith

lord to do? You have to wonder whether it’s a good thing that the name R2-D2 is now used in the plural: it makes for easy single-syllable puns. (More so than C3PO, apparently.) Leela, the main villain of the game Starcraft, might be a veteran of Oostje no Tibbels or the Burma Railway, but she’s likely only one of the thousands of cosplayers who will never know what it’s like to play the game on which she is based.

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