Waterboy Supplies Mineral Water in the Most Hygienic Water Cooler Rental Fleet in the UK


Lancashire, England – “It’s about nutritious water, not just the office water coolers.” This has been the mantra of the mineral water supplier, Waterboy Limited since it started trading over 15 years ago. The mineral water company supply its water to consumers in water coolers which has taken office water supply to the next level by supplying health-boosting mineral water in the most hygienic water coolers for organisations of all kinds around the UK.

Waterboy Limited is a leading mineral water provider company based near Manchester, England. Over the years, their company’s excellence in bringing nutritious water and hygienic water coolers to the market has been recognized as a unique breakthrough in the industry.

Waterboy stands on the core belief that employees should receive the most hygienic, purified and health boosting mineral water. It is in light of this mission that Waterboy has set new standards of hygiene and customer service to provide natural spring mineral water, which is recognised by scientists to offer additional health benefits over standard utility company tap water. 

In order to ensure that employees obtain great mineral content in a refreshing drink, they ensure that each of their Waterboy Water Coolers in Manchester dispenses natural mineral water sourced from a place of outstanding natural beauty in Staffordshire, England.

Waterboy make sure that the water supplied in their water coolers has superb quality from a low sodium, neutral PH natural spring water which combines unique mineral content with a refreshingly neutral taste. This has made many organisations and businesses make Waterboy mineral water their preferred choice.

“Because we drink water for our health and well-being, Waterboy believes it should be treated with the utmost respect it deserves.” explained a Waterboy spokesperson.

“Scientists believe that natural spring water is really beneficial to human life because the minerals it contains are more readily absorbed by our bodies when compared with the absorption of minerals from food. Natural spring water is full of minerals that our bodies need and drinking it is a fantastic way to get the fluid we need for good hydration and essential nutrients at the same time.”

Apart from providing nutritious water for workplaces, Waterboy also focus on ensuring that its water coolers are clean, well-serviced and extremely hygienic. They believe that dirty office water coolers can present health hazards to an organisation’s workforce. Therefore, they replace all office water coolers at client’s premises every three months and each unit is returned back to the firm to be completely overhauled.

This is in line with their very strict hygienic standards to ensure that employees get the best and most nutritious mineral water supply. Many businesses around Manchester and North West England love the product and increase their intake of the natural mineral water produced by Waterboy.

Waterboy Limited is located at Venture Court Metcalf Drive Accrington Lancashire BB5 5WH. Contact them via phone at +44 800 975 5759, or via email at [email protected]. For additional information, visit their website at http://www.waterboy.co.uk/.

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