New revolutionary MOA token combines blockchain technology with mobile gaming

2018-07-04 12:00:00

MOA is a unique mobile gaming platform powered by blockchain technology where players can trade in-app items used in other games for items and currencies to be used in another game.

Sacramento, California – July 3, 2018 – Great news for mobile gamers! A new futuristic token has just been launched in the crypto space which for the first time combines competitive mobile gaming with blockchain rewards. Titled “MOA”, the latest crypto asset is all set to disrupt the competitive mobile gaming space with the FIRST autonomous gaming platform packed with innovative features like automated in-game escrow services, automated ranking systems and automated tournaments. 

MOA will launch its crowd-sale in the 4th quarter of 2018.


What makes MOA gaming different is its facility of “Real Money Trading”. In the current stage of mobile games, players can’t transfer their in-app items or currencies across games. But MOA offers a unique platform where players can sell or trade in-game items and currencies for real money. MOA also comes with an auction house where players can buy or sell items. With MOA gaming, an item used in one game can definitely be traded for items or currencies in other games. Most items are unique blockchain items here and eliminate any risk of hacking or duplication. 


“As ardent gamers ourselves, we are looking to find a solution that will not only allow us to compete in great games but also offer us some incentive for playing. Currently, in-app items are really pricey but you can’t avoid them since you need them to level up and stay on top of the curve. Not just that, once you shell out for in-app items, these become non-transferrable & difficult to sell to others. MOA was launched to address all such woes. We have created a next-generation mobile gaming platform where you can sell and trade anything in our marketplace and you can also sell the unique one-of-a-kind items to others while you compete in your favorite games”, stated Mark Wong, the founder of MOA.


Added to Real Money Trading, MOA gaming is backed by 5 other state of the art features:

Truly unique items – MOA gaming will offer players some really exclusive items that can’t be replicated, stolen or destroyed. They will be immensely valuable and extend unique benefits to wielder. 

Automatic matchmaking – Players will be able to automatically compete with other players of similar skill set. Winners will be rewarded with blockchain tokens and ranks that will lead to additional prizes. 

Ranks & crypto rewards – Top players in every category will receive daily, weekly & monthly rewards. The best ones will be invited to live tournaments where they can earn huge crypto rewards. 

Decentralized environment – Thanks to MOA’s blockchain base, token and items are never controlled by any centralized authority. Anyone who will play well will earn rewards here and whatever you will earn will be owned by you 100%. 

Protection by Smart Contracts – Ranks & trading in MOA are always safe as they are guarded by smart contracts. 

MOA will offer both free and paid games to compete in.  

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