Tuesday, October 19, 2021

‘Amen!’ Victim of ISIS Sex Slavery Fires Back at Directors Over ‘Personal Story’

Appearing on Hannity tonight, actress and former ISIS sex slave Dana Goldberg said she did not agree with the treatment of her film as a sad story of women who were held by ISIS and raped. “But [director] Kenny [Simons] said that my story is a part of his narrative arc,” Goldberg said. “I thought, ‘Amen! If the film is a part of his narrative arc, let’s tell the story right.’” Goldberg continued, “This particular

version of the narrative was in contrast to the reality of my life.” Simons, who had to cut parts of the film because the people involved told him their stories were too horrific, told Hannity that all of the real victims wanted to be part of the movie. Goldberg added that she loved working with Simons, but was so upset with his treatment of the movie she backed out of his screening for an even later screening at the

top of a staircase at the London Film Festival. “They opened the window above me and I wanted to climb out with the tears running down my face.” Watch more above. You might also be interested in … Pictures of ISIS Beheading Victims Could Become Art in New Museum Exhibit Every Full-Time US Government Employee Is Getting a 2.1% Pay Raise ISIS Promises to Kill American GIs If Donald Trump Wins the Election Tiffany &

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