Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A milestone for cancer research, scientists, women and scientists unite to celebrate Lasker Awards

Four medical and scientific pioneers will receive the 2022 Lasker Award for Distinguished Service in Medicine on Thursday evening. A selection committee composed of American and European physicians, scientists, leaders and educators made the announcement today. They will be recognized for “creating and leading breakthrough medicines and therapies, and for bridging the science of biomedical research with medicine,

public health and patient care,” the Lasker Institute said in a press release. Martin “Chip” Heath, a molecular biologist at the University of Washington, and other pioneering immunologists will share in the annual awards, which have been given out since 1980. The Lasker Prize was established in 1990 by New York Times columnist James Reston and his wife, Raoul Lasker, a psychiatrist and author. This year’s recipients

were chosen by a committee of 14 distinguished doctors. A number of other distinguished women — Ting Bai, who helped develop the new genetic test for breast cancer, Rachel Brenner-Norris, who developed the first stem cell transplant for premature babies, and Simone Marsh, a mathematician — will share in the awards as well. Jessica Chao, the lead researcher on the PARP gene for breast cancer, will be among the

winners. Dr. Chao said she learned of the news via text message. “I’m pretty much speechless,” she said. “Just the overall scope of the honor, and the list of the winners, it’s overwhelming.” In a letter, Lasker Fellows of Practice, which selects the winners, wrote: “There are few scientists as creative, and some as gifted, as Jessica Chao, who in 2016, with her colleagues Louise Kenney and Jane Duckett, earned the

discovery of the genetic basis of breast cancer and the new drug carboplatin.” So far, 118 recipients have been chosen for the Lasker Awards. Dr. Chao will accept her award in March. Read the full announcement here: Please retweet this post with the #Lasker18 hashtag: — Lasker Institute (@thelaskerinstitute) January 15, 2019 * * * Gwynne Dyer is an opinion writer at the International Herald

Tribune and the author of several books.

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