Monday, October 18, 2021

A Border Patrol Horse Ranch Has Changed Horses to Scoop Out Undocumented Migrants

Several weeks ago, we learned that former Vice President Joe Biden had decided that he would use a riding lawnmower to paint the borders of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley a patriotic poppy. Apparently, they were even using horses and steeds to make the two-mile entry point. Roughly five times a week, about 100 horses from a single ranch would be used to mark the border—effectively turning it into a makeshift border,

complete with big signs directing immigration agents, border guards, and law enforcement officials on how to use it. With a four-county border region barely bigger than Philadelphia, their mission: “snooping out undocumented migrants.” So what will the former vice president do now? On Saturday, the ranch broke the news that it was switching horses from the Border Patrol, which meant changing fences—a process that

takes five days—to a local company called Hunter’s Crossing Company. Back in July, Homeland Security and Border Patrol originally told the ranch to put the horses to use for surveillance purposes, according to ABC 7 in Austin. CBS Austin reports that the Border Patrol has the ability to use the horses for tasks like “collaring” or “stopping” people on their way into the country. “All of that is a separate activity,”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman, Manuel Padilla Jr., told the station.

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