Wednesday, October 20, 2021

12 Running Tips from a Restrained Eight-Year-Old

I did not make a plan ahead of my race, but whenever I feel like giving in and saying “sure, I’ll go this far,” I really think my outlook on the race has changed. So I’m not saying to go when you don’t think you can, or to go when you think you can’t. I just like to not let the pressure pressure me into knowing exactly what I should do next. It was definitely clear that I wasn’t the fastest runner in the race. It was

clear that I needed to be motivated and really just finish the race to improve. I talked to my coach several times before, during and after the race. He’s literally coached me since second grade. I asked him, did I do all I could do? He said that’s really not the point of the race, it’s not his job to evaluate my effort and I’m pretty much his main focus in and out of the race. So I started to think more about

passing people rather than just going out and trying to win the race. I had a good pacemaker helping me and we just stayed within five or six seconds of each other. In some parts I really think it helped me finish the race and show people I was definitely in the race.

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